A Ghost?

“Ghosts? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” John exlaimed. Kathy was pale, and shaking. But her shaking stopped, and she stared at John.
“Well than what was it?! If not a ghost than what?! I saw the mirror fly across the room, and smash into the wall by itself! WHAT IS IT?!” Kathy screamed. John stummbled back. Kathy was always so timid. Well, now she was angry, and screaming.
“Kathy ghosts aren’t real. There’s a reasonable ex-” John said.
“DON’T START WITH THAT SHIT! I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING HEAR IT! I KNOW WHAT I FUCKING SAW!” Kathy shrieked. She slowly took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself.
“I’ll prove it. I’ll go in there and prove that it wasn’t a ghost. There aren’t real and I’ll prove it,” John said evenly. Kathy narrowed her eyes, ready to shout again, but John was already walking towards the house.

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