I want

I want to run away
Run away from cyclical problems
Run like Forrest ran, falling off shackles of past selves
Yet I stand still
A statue

I want to fly away
Fly over every worry and let the wind carry me
Fly like Superman flies, wishing to turn back time to change that one moment of sadness
Yet I am gravity bound

I want to drive away
Drive without boundaries and let what happens happens
Drive like James Bond drives, making sure we don’t touch that red button to eject our conscience out through the roof
Yet I ride the bus
A passenger

I want to laugh
Laugh like I have no care in the world, laugh in the face of darkness
Laugh like The Joker laughs, laughing like the world is his playground and the human race is like his monkeys in a barrel.
Yet I am without a sense of humor

I want to love
Love like this was our only shot to get things right.
Love like ….

I don’t know how to finish that last part.

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