Wisdom Is Far Greater

“I traded the cow for this here Cat Clock” said Stanley beamingly.

“A Cat Clock?! You traded a cow for a cat clock?! That’s almost as bad as trading the beans for a cow!”

’She’s mad now, but when she knows its function, she will be thrilled’ thought Stanley as her angry spittle sprayed his face.

After some while of trying to calm his wife down, Stanley finally managed to sit her down to explain the wonders of the clock. She sat in silence as he went about detailing how the merchant told him about how staring into the shifting eyes of the cat makes a person wise. So wise in fact, that a person could eventually know everything about everything.

An awkward silence lulled in the small cottage, interrupted only by the ‘tick’ of the clock. Stanley stood triumphant in the deal he had made and his wife, taken aback at this final stroke of idiocy, stared blankly at the cat.

“Right then!” piped Stanley, “I’ll work the fields and you watch the clock”. So off he went, as his wife stared, never to see any giant.

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