Deep Blue

Aaron gained enough strength to raise his blue eyes to hers.
“What, happened?”
After a few moments he breathed the words, “Help me,” to her.
She put his arm around her and led him to the bathroom where she set him down easily into the floor. It was in the brighter lighting that she noticed all of the bruises on his cheek and the bloody scrape next to his ear. But instead of asking what happened she clenched her teeth and went on getting the necessary supplies. After cleaning his scrape and bandaging it she realized that he no longer had his eyes shut, but he was instead watching her. Sitting infront of him she gently brushed his face; he slowly raised his hand to touch hers on his cheek. It was then that she stopped looking at his wounds and instead caught his eyes-had they always been this intense? This, deep? The moment ended when his hand became too heavy for him and it abruptly dropped to the floor.
Immediately the girl again put his arm around her shoulder and aided him to stand.

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