Slowly, she led him back to her bedroom. He was so hard to support because of his height, but she managed. She layed him down on the bed and took his shoes off for him. While she was adjusting the pillows behind his head, he opened his eyes again to look at her soft brown hair and her dark blue eyes. He touched her face this time, gently. Putting her hand on his she whispered, “You’re safe here. Get some rest, I’ll be right here if you need me.” She watched as he let his eyes fall closed and his hand slip from her face onto his chest. She sat down up against the nightstand next to the bed, and within minutes found herself growing tired. She did everything she could to stay awake for she felt the need to protect him, but the late morning hour was taking its toll on her.

When he woke up, it was still pitch dark outside. He slightly turned his head and saw her asleep against the nightstand. He smiled to himself in awe of her beauty, her strength-her will, her spirit.
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