Drowning in Nothingness

The ship floated away in silence, everything muted in the nothingness in space. Crewmembers gathered around the portholes like fish at feeding time, only they weren’t nearly as content.

I watched, resigned to my fate, as the damaged craft drifted away slowly, end over end endlessley. Damaged oxygen lines spat flash fires as the liquid flowed over sparking electrical lines. The ship would make it though, the ship would make it and thats all that mattered.

I looked over my isolation suit, inspecting for rips or weak spots, and finding none, heaved a sigh and settled comfortably in the harness. I hurtled away from the ship deceptively fast; space distorts not only sound, but speed and distance as well.

My momentum took me away from the ship and took the ship back towards Earth.I shut off my radio and, as the static cut out, silence enveloped me.

I settled in my harness and watched the stars contentedly, I had always liked stars.
They were so beautiful.

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