The Little Green Man

“That’s what I been trying to say! I traded it for a magic little green man,” Stanley exclaimed.

“A magic little green man?! What in the world are we going to do with a magic little green man!?,” his wife shouted.

And with that, the little green man hopped out of Stanley’s pocket, jumped on the table in front of his wife, and dove into her mouth and down her throat. She choked as Stanley stared at her with his jaw to the floor. His wife stood for a moment wondering what had just transpired.

“Are …..Are you ok honey bun?” Stanley whispered.

Stanley’s wife blinked a second and then without a word headed to the kitchen and started to wash dishes.

“Honey…” Stanley tapped on her shoulder.

She turned around glaring at him, her face a pale green. Right before his eyes, Stanley’s wife began to shrink, smaller and smaller. Screaming a blood curdling scream, in an instant, Stanley’s wife had transformed into a magic little green man.

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