Leteroj de la estonteco (part 1)

“¿Kiel vin nomas? Neniu volas paroli kun mi.”
I always was a natural for languages, that’s why I took on Esperanto. Imagine my surprise when I found someone typing perfectly natural and fluent Esperanto on Chat Roulette.
Her name was Katya, no one wanted to chat with her because they couldn’t understand her and she didn’t have her webcam on. She had been online for a couple of hours trying to find someone who understood. Not because she was studying Esperanto and wanted to practice.
“Vivas kun mia fratino, estas la jaro du mil kvincent, estas la lasta familio sur la tero.”
My Esperanto was good enough to follow her frenetic typing, she told me she lived with her sister and their father inside a bunker, the last humans alive in the year Twenty Five Hundred. Her father just installed a machine that could connect her to the Internet of the world before the big disaster. Before that it was only books, she had read the classics in Esperanto and generated their own electricity with a treadmill.


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