Leteroj de la estonteco (part 2)

Naturally, I had questions; Had she been typing in English I would have dismissed it as a prank, but why would anyone take the time to type in perfect Esperanto just for laughs? Besides, a person from the far future wouldn’t speak English but something else, not pure Esperanto, but one dialect spiced with Spanish words and expressions.
“Nia patro prizorgas nosotras, ĝi eliras al la mondon de eksteren por atingi nin manĝo, akvo kaj medicinoj. "
It made sense that if they lived underground they would need vitamin supplements, the treadmill where they generated their power and used also to purify water would keep them fit and the books they had read would keep their mind busy. Her sister, Met, was only a year younger. Both were fascinated with the “Old World” but saddened because they would never touch it, I also could speak to her.
“Vi lernus La anglan, tiel vi povus povi uzi pli libroj kaj muziko " I said, a little ashamed my Esperanto would appear awkward and inelegant for her.

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