Leteroj de la estonteco (part 3)

I offered to teach them English, at the best of my capacities. I asked if they could listen to me in their speakers, but turns out they were using an old PowerPC with no sound or video card. Even though they could not watch video and the pictures they could see were in 16-bit colors they were astonished by how beautiful our world was.
I was curious as how the world had come to an end:
“Nia patro nin rakontas ke al la fino la bastardos finis por mortigi inter ili.”
A man-made disaster sometime in the Twenty Fifth Century, guess we didn’t bother to seek out new life and new civilizations after all.

I asked if we could prevent it. For me it would not happen for centuries, there was still time. But Katya told me I’d have to be alive 400 years only to be dismissed as a madman.

After some weeks of talking to them it was clear that by now any prankster would have dropped the act or asked me for money. If this was indeed real I could track their IP, and possibly discover a gateway into the far future.


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