Leteroj de la estonteco (part 4)

I could find it easily, but it turned out to be a proxy server somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, some independent island nation that financed itself with illegal servers. I frantically asked in several forums how I could unmask an IP behind a proxy, they always told me to find the administrator, but if the log file was deleted there’s no way I could find out unless I contacted the authorities. But what would I tell them? “Help, there are two girls trapped in a bunker, ah, by the way, they only speak Esperanto and live five hundred years in the future”

And asking them about their location was useless, according to them they lived in the middle of a wasteland in the mountains, but only know so because their father told them so.

I repeatedly asked to speak to him.
“Paĉjo ne volas paroli kun vi, se ĝi faras lin sentu ke al ni donas falsajn esperojn. "

He didn’t want to give them false hopes, For all purposes I am long dead, they are just speaking to ghosts.


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