Silence is Consent

“All right, three of us have made it this far-”


“Right, you’re still alive. I forgot.”

“Damn right you did. One of them bit me but I’m ain’t goin nowhere.”

“Fine. May I continue?”

“You know what? Screw you Bob! You’re not our leader. You think you are just because you wave around that gun.”


“No Suzy, I ain’t gonna be quiet now. He needs to know that not one of us likes him, much less trusts him. He’s a stranger. D’ya hear me? Huh Bob?”

“I hear ya, Eddie. I just want to know if it’s the truth. Karen? Suzy? Neither of you can even meet my eyes. I didn’t mean to trouble you when I found you and I won’t start now. Good luck out there- it’s a strange new world.”


“Forget him, he’s gone.”

“What’re we going to do now? What if those things find us here? You idiot- you drove away the only person with a gun! Karen can’t talk, and you might as well be one-armed for all the good your left arm is.”

“It’s your fault too. You let me do it… Do you hear that?”

“Oh god, it’s them. Run!”

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