I breathed heavily as I walked up to the door to school. Today was the day.

I was finally going to get my revenge. All those people that had picked on me, all those teachers that patronised me. I was going to teach them.

I entered the front doors. My hands began to shake. I wondered whether or not the guards at the metal detectors could hear my heartbeat. I had to move, or they would find it. The guards were too busy patting down the students who had set off the detectors to notice me reach under my shirt. I felt around for the grips and grasped them.

A huge surge of confidence ran through me like a jolt of electricity, as time seemed to slow down. I whipped out the two MAC 10 machine pistols and raised them to eye level. Everything seemed so unreal, like a dream. In a trance, I squeezed the triggers of the two guns as the people next to me began to scream as they saw the weapons. The narrow hall, clustered with people, became my killing ground.

Students ran in fear, screaming. This was my retaliation.

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