Glowing Eyes

The yellow glowing eyes stood out against the trees, piercing the darkness and falling snow. As it moved closer lush, silvery white fur seemed to materialize out of the snow itself. I stood up with my back already against the tree as the creature continued closer until its cold, wet nose was within arm’s reach.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest with suspense, thoughts flew through my mind so fast that my brain could hardly keep up.

“Why is it just standing there? Should I run? Would it chase me?”

The wolf just stopped in its tracks looking at me with its yellow eyes. Then it sat, not breaking eye contact. This moment seems to hang like my breath in the frozen air. I was looking at it, it was looking at me. I don’t even recall feeling the wind that was blowing through its fur.

I couldn’t move or even look away. Until it closed its eyes as it bowed its head to the ground. Its eyes opened as it rose back to its feet with true grace, then with the greatest of caution it moved a little closer.

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