Diabolical 4

“The suicide deaths of three local eighth grade students make parents wonder, ‘Where did we go wrong?’ The devastated families will not yet release the names of the students… but will release that they were all in Mrs. Burkhart’s science class for homeroom. Back to you, Jeff.”
Mrs. Ericks clicked off the TV.
She put her vanilla ice cream down on the coffee table.
She sniffed around, thought she smelled something funny.
Oh well.
She walked out to the kitchen to see a little boy standing outside the French doors.
She opened them up, with a weak “Hello.”
“Hi, ma’am, I was a friend of Jenny. May I come in?”
They sat down on the couch together.
“What was wrong with Jenny, Miss?”
“I… don’t know,” she said through tears.
Bobb got up from the couch. He sat down on top of the coffee table. He stared into Mrs. Ericks’ eyes.
Into her soul.
Straight at her heart.

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