“Let me repeat that number back to you, Visa 4517-6589-5721-0731, and the name on the card is Reuben White.”

“No, we do not record the call.”

“Well, everything on TV isn’t real.”

“Of course I am excited to talk to you Reuben. You sound sexy.”

“I’m wearing black silk panties Rueben. Do you like black silk ?”

“No, I don’t get cold.”

“So, your mother says cotton is healthier huh? That’s interesting.”

“Yes I agree, your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.”

“Sure, I’ll talk to her.”

“Hello Mrs. White.”

“Yes, he’s a lovely young man.”

“Mrs. White, that is a great story but is Reuben still on the line? He’s paying for this you know”

“$9.99 per minute”

“No, I am not joking.”

“No, he called me.”

“I’m not his girlfriend from Canada.”

“I’m Isis.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“I’m sure he is a lovely young man.”

“No discounts, it’s $9.99 per minute.”

“About fifteen minutes.”

“I have his credit card.”

“There is no reason for name calling lady.”

“Great, I’ll light a candle for you too.”

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