What Are The Chances?

It was in the early morning when he slopped into my 24-hour convenience store, dripping wet from the cataclysmic thunderstorm outside. I watched him approach the door thanks to the many lightning strikes illuminating the outside. He was my first customer all night.

He strode in cheerily, as though he had just had just had the best day of his life. He got a hotdog, and then, beaming away, picked up a little 2$ teddy bear. Speaking louder than normal due to rain crashing into the roof, I asked if that was all.

He replied so positively it was annoying and went on an unnecessary rant about how his wife had just had a baby and blah, blah, blah. I think he noticed my boredom and abruptly finished, asking for a lottery ticket.

As luck would have it, he won. $200,000 right then and there. So he shakes me by the shoulders yelling “What are the chances?!” and goes out dancing in the rain.

A thunderous boom and a deafening crash later, he was down on the pavement.

“About the same as getting struck by lightning”

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