“Yo, Jared! What’s happenin’?’”

“Uh…uh nothing! N-nothing’s happening! N-n-nothing at all!”

“O-kay then…”

“W-why are you in here?”

“I’m just checkin’ in on my little bro. ’S all.”


“Whatcha doin’ there Jare-bear ?”

“N-nothing! I’m not doing anything at all! Nothing whatsoever! Nada!! Zip! Zero!”

“Dude, calm down…geez, you need to loosen up.”

“Calm! I am completely and totally calm! Jensen, I am the epitomy of calm, cool, and collected!”
“Not really…”

“What did you say?!”

“Erhm, nothing, nothing at all.”

“Can you just leave, Jensen? I’m really busy right now.”

“Ha! So you were doing something!”

“No I wasn’t! Go away!”

“You’re face isn’t telling me that, you’re as red as a tomato.”

“Shut up!”

“I surrender. Sheesh, you’re such a girl.”


“Yeah, you big baby.”

“I hate you!”


“Are you crying, Jared?”


“Er… look, I’m sorry for teasing you.”

“You mean it?”

“Just don’t go all chick flick moment on me.”


“Ooh..a poem!”


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