there are six bracelets on my wrist.

six rubber bands and six traffic lights at the intersection where his life ended and so did mine. a sad story that gets told at parties where everyone’s drunk and nothing is taboo even though this is my brother who everyone loved and he’s dead and gone and oh it’s such a shame he had so much to live for.

mom never wanted it like
she always likes
when it’s secret
kept behind closed doors
and locked away.

she said she didn’t want people to make fun of the family because there was speculation it was suicide.
she didn’t want them laughing.

he always laughed at me.
he would say
“Why do you have
so many bracelets on your wrist,
little sister?”
and i would answer
“six isn’t really that many,
big brother.

would be far too many
for this tiny wrist."

[originally published on deviantArt by me (azibel)]

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