Who Will It Be?

The summer sun was warm against my cheeks. The day was beautiful. No a single cloud in the sky. The day was the absolutly perfect summer day.
But inside me was a raging storm. I had a huge choice to make. With either one, someone has to die. And I had to him.
Someone had my daughter, and gave me a choice. Either kill my husband, or kill my son. If I didn’t, my little girl would be killed.
But I couldn’t do any of them. I couldn’t kill the man I love. I couldn’t kill my handsome boy. I couldn’t let them kill my lovely daughter. But I had to let someone die. In the end, someone would have to die.
I sat on the grassy floor, and with my head in my hands, I cried salty tears of pain and saddness.
The day was warm and beautiful, but inside I was so cold.

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