Hooray Hill

“So, why do they call it Hooray Hill?”

“I dunno, some legend or other about some kids and a sled and a victory.”


“I said, something about a victory sled race against Indians or something.”

“That’s crazy. So, like, who won?”

“I don’t remember okay?! You’re worse than a snot nosed brat!”

“Look I just think it’s odd to name a hill Hooray when it’s used for this.”

“The cemetery bought it. They didn’t name it. Maybe they didn’t think we’d be burying folk here.”

“But isn’t it ironic?”

“You’re gettin’ on my nerves! Just pick up your shovel, lunch break’s over!”

“Whatever you say, boss!”

“Be glad you got a job.”

“Hooray! I dig graves on this here hill!”

“You’re Fired!”

“Very funny, boss, but you’re not the real boss. Besides, I dig better’n you!”

“You wanna put your muscle where your mouth is?”

“If I win, I’ll shout Hooray!”

“Shut up! Start diggin’!”

“I’ll dig to win, in honor of the Hooray Hill legend!”

“Boy! I ought to..”

“I’m winning! Better stop talkin’ Ol’ Man!”

“Just shut up!”

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