LIES, Lime, and Life

I said I’d do my best,
But I’ve failed near every test.
I said I was doing fine,
As my grades, they did decline.

I said I’d tell the truth,
But it doesn’t take a sleuth,
To see my life’s a sham.
A big lie is all I am.

A hypocrite to the end,
As my lies, I did defend.
To the very core of my being,
It was the truth I was truly fleeing.

Escaping on the wings of lies,
I joined all the other flies,
To flee from everything I used to be.

I didn’t get very far,
For my wings soon turned to tar,
Stopping me from seeing what I needed to see.

But now the truth is clear,
My destruction is very near.
Unless I can lose these lies that bind me.

They say the truth shall set you free,
And I really hope that comes to be,
Because I can’t see through these tears in my eye.

I’ve been blind for all this time,
As if someone sprayed me with a lime,
And yet still, I kept on trying to fly.

But now my sight is finally clear,
And my life I can finally steer,
To wherever I need to be before I die.

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