School: The Lesser of Two Evils


Thank you so much for watching Ben during your spring break. It has become increasingly difficult to find a sitter lately, and I’m not too sure why. He tends to get hyper at night…but I’m sure you will be fine. While I’m out, do you think you could do a few things for me? I work so much now and I haven’t the time. Thanks Laurie!
1. Take the cardboard boxes off the fridge, take out the rat poison, and leave it on the counter. I’ll take care of it when I get home tonight.
2. Make sure Ben doesn’t climb on the counter top.
3. The dog feels cold during the winter so we dress him. Do a load of his clothes from the laundry basket in the basement.
4. Read Ben the newspaper at eleven every night. He can’t sleep until the Metro section is read to him.

Laurie, you are a life saver.
-Love, Aunt Norma

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