#87 Back in Twenty Minutes...

If you’re not awake by the time Rog-Rog gets back, you know he’s going to set Zomba on you, and neither of us wants to see you covered in alien slime, so please just do as I ask. It isn’t asking much.
1. Take Zomba’s dinner (the bull in the freezer) out to the garden and do not touch it. Use the latex gloves under the kitchen sink.
2. Take the craft and drive to the new Tesco Ultra. Take pictures of their yoghurt aisle and report back to the mothership, then return and get some eggs and chicken wings. In that order. You know how much they hate eggs on their ship.
3. Finish your homework on plans to kill the Cuban prime minister. It’s important that you get a good mark in your International Relations degree.
4. Exterminate the giant spiders that have begun to make cracks in the ceiling.
This all needs to be done or you know whose body is going to be carted to the mass incinerator and used for fuel.

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