They Don't Like Our Kind

She wept on the park bench, but no emotion was connected with those tears anymore. She had stopped feeling the pain awhile ago, but her body insisted on unrelenting sobbing. Just when she thought she was done a fresh wave came on.

“Laylani…” A voice said above her. “I’ve been looking all over for you…”

“I’ve been trying hard not to be found.” She sniffed, loudly.

“Laylani, why are you crying over him?”

“I don’t know Oliver.” She looked up at him, the tears still streaming down her face. “I really thought that he liked me, you know for who I am.”

Oliver put his arms around her. “I know people don’t understand.”

“You make it look so easy.” Laylani looked up at him.

Oliver looked pained. “No, its just as hard for me. People just don’t like our kind.”

“Let’s get out of here.” She suggested. “Let’s go to the dock or whatever.”

Oliver nodded. “The dock is fine.”

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