“Bless me, father, for I have sinned. It’s been four days since my last confession.”

“Only four days, my child?”

“Yes, father.”

“Well, confess your sins to the Lord.”

“I have… lusted, father.”

“That is a cardinal sin, but in the Lord you will find forgiveness.”

“But father, I lusted after a young boy. In this Church.”

“You have not acted on this feeling?”

“I… I have, father. Can I be forgiven?”

“T-tell me what happened.”

“He’s one of the altar boys. He arrived early for mass one day and I cornered him in the dressing room while he was putting on his robes. I made him… do things. I told him if he told anyone, God would punish him.”

“Y-you… who are you? How did you—”

“I’m sorry, father, did that story sound familiar? Perhaps you’re the one who should be confessing.”

“Get out of here before I—”

“Before you what? Call for help? We’re alone. How far do you think you can get before I strike you down where you stand?”

“But I… you…”

“I am the Lord’s messenger, and his message is death.”

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