Work Experience

Georgina sat awkwardly in her father’s vast stone chair. The velvet-covered cushion was too thin – already her buttocks ached. Her new clothes itched and her headgear was getting heavier, she was sure. She sighed and looked over the list again.

1. Entertain the ambassador of Liolas. He likes mimes.
2. Receive the Exchequer’s Weekly Report. This should only take four or five hours. Simply nod and look worried.
3. Attend the installation of the new Archbishop of Brance. You will be required to anoint him. Do try not to drip the oil in his eyes.

She flipped to the end, five pages later.

327. Hold the monthly open court and settle the grievances of the peasantry. Don’t think too hard about the cases. Most will be happy enough to get any answer at all from a real princess.
Do your best, dear. It’s excellent practice for when you’re queen. We’ll be back from the tour in five months.
Their Royal Highnesses, Daddy & Mummy

She stared out at the milling faces around the throne room and groaned quietly.

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