Ghost Town

A world of wastes and dust is all I’ve ever known. The land has dried by the pound of temperatures found only on the surface of the great sun that lay in the sky before us all. The fires of the sky destroyed all in its wake, leaving in place a barren wasteland I call Hell.

I’ve been walking for days and I have seen no water, but tears of the lost. My entire body is becoming one with the endless desert that surrounds me. The soles of my shoes wear incredibly thin with the feeling of the burning sand seeping into my boots. I need water, shelter, food. I need salvation.

The gleam on the tin roof of houses shines from a distance, but one I’m willing to reach. The madness swells into my legs as the wind bursts through my hair in my last found strength. The closer I get, the more the truth unveils. My eyes have slowly betrayed me yet again. Dust and sand surround me again. I give myself to this sea of sand.

When all the sand and dust clears, the only thing you’re left with are memories and a ghost town.

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