Road Trippin'

“Man, I have no reception out here.”
“Alright kid. Marry kill fuck, you ready?”
“Shit dude, you know I hate this game.”
“Well we got-”
“Nah man, this game sucks.”
“Well you think of game.”
“I’ll think of a game if you give me a cigarette.”
“I’ll give you a cigarette if you stop looking at me and actually watch the fucking road.”
“Alright, what are we playing?”
“20 questions.”
“Sure, you got something or you need a minute?”
“I’m good.”
“All right. Is it sentient?”
“Is it human?”
“So it’s a woman?”
“You mean ‘is it a woman?’”
“Fuck you. You knew what I meant.”
“Dude, it’s that girl from Office Space, Jennifer Aniston.”
“She was on Friends way before that movie ever came out but yes. See this is why I hate playing games with you.”
“I got one, go ahead.”
“Is it a plant?”
“It’s broccoli.”
“Jesus Christ Rain Man.”
“It’s everyone’s favorite vegetable.”
“I’m not even going to argue this with you. Someday you’ll realize the error of your ways. How far out are we anyway?”

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