No Laughing Matter

Grant groaned when he saw the note on the refrigerator. Written in red ink with big looping letters, it could only be one thing- a list of Things to Do left by mum. It was bad enough that he went to school for eight hours a day, commuted two hours each way and had homework. This was intolerable.

Rolling his eyes, he tore the paper down, sending the magnet flying into the next room.

He frowned as he read the instructions. They were simple (and insulting) but didn’t make sense.

“Before I get home I need you to do the following,
A) Go out to the backyard and open the forbidden gate. (Take the lantern. No, not a flash light THE LANTERN!)

B) Retrieve the rusty sword from the Altar of Desire. (There is only one sword, you figure it out.)

C) Slay the nightmare that is holding your sister hostage in the basement. (Hint: Use the sword.)

Love, Mum"

Grant looked at the open door that led to the basement. On cue, the screaming began.

One thought surfaced in response to all of the absurdity- chores suck.

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