Super Slips of the Tongue

“Look! Up there on the roof!”

“It’s Engiman and Sidekickshade! They’ll save us from the zombie hordes!”

The blue alien was clad in very little for a super, Engiman wore merely boots, specially made for his hooves, massive gauntlets, the chunkiest belt you ever did see, a cape that flowed out behind him with the wind, and metallic yellow-lensed goggles. His human companion wore a wizard’s hat, along with cloth clothes and heavy running boots. A sword hung at his side.

Sidekickshade zipped across from rooftop to rooftop, descending towards the oncoming undead, while Engiman jumped from the roof and converted his cape into a parachute, gliding towards the ground.

They stood side by side as the Lich’s minions drew ever closer.

“I’m still miffed with you about my name.”

“It was a slip of the tongue, it happens to the best of us.”

“I told you, ‘When we go to the media, I want to be called Psychoshade.’ PSYCHO!”

“It was a harmless mistake…”

“Yeah… it only harmed my pride and dig- Oh! Here they come!”

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