Undead masses

The undead were upon them, but no sooner did they pile on our heroes, did they get carved through by Quel’Delar, the blade of Sidekickshade. In the other mound, a shudder emanated through the reanimated corpses as electricity coursed across their flesh.

Sidekickshade summoned an ethereal icestorm, carving icy trails through those that will rest in pieces. Engiman’s heavy metal gauntlets struck into the fleshy mangled faces of ghouls. As he raised his head, he caught a glimps of a mighty icebound skeleton.

“I’ve seen the Lich! Don’t let any of them reach the civilians!”

He clicked his boots together, blazing off in a trail if nitro boosts.

“Why is he always the one to pursue the Lich?” Sidekickshade muttered to himself, as he erected a wall of fire to cut off the hordes from the people. Shortly after, they fell to the ground; the Lich was dead.

“Call me raymundo this time”

“Ladies and gentleman! You have been saved once again by Engiman and Retardo!”

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