Live somewhere else.

“What’s the time?”
“Quarter to three.”
“What type of watch is that?”
“No, Guess.”
“I’m guessing!”
“Ohhh. Guess.”
“Have you ever thought about living somewhere else?”
“No. Yes. Does a different time count?”
“Sure. I’d like in Japan. The food, the samurai, the geisha’s.”
“I’d go back to England. I always wanted to go to England. The mother-land. But not now. Now it’s fucked up like the rest of this world.”
“Well when would you go?”
“1800s. Go off to war against Napoleon; come home to a country full of girls just wanting to fight over a soldier, fuck a soldier, a ‘man in uniform’.”
“Now all we have to do is…”
“- Yeah, yeah, just cause we have to do it don’t mean you have to go shouting it out everywhere.”

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