Water Under The Bridge

“What is that?”

“It’s the water under the bridge. You know, where people have put things behind them, forgotten them. They call it the River of Forgetfulness, but that misnomer has led to some disastrous ends.”

“What do you mean?”

“People thought they could drink its waters and it would make them forget all their troubles, because the name says Forgetfulness. But when they drank it, they were faced with everything they wanted to forget. They all went mad.”

“Why don’t they just rename it, call it The Water Under The Bridge?”

“Because they always forget.”

“What if you took a bath in it?”

“Well, no one ever has, but I suppose you’d get wet.”

“Wouldn’t the water cleanse you of all the things you want to forget?”

“It doesn’t work that way. The water comes from your thoughts, not your body.”

“So you’d have to wash your mind in it.”

“Um, yes, but that’s impossible.”

“Is it?”

“Well, if you could, you’d lose everything; complete amnesia.”

“That’s what I’m going for.”

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