Hell In Disney

Three buses, 200+ teens, and 24 hours together. What is this? This is HELL! Lugging a heavy suitcase I walked into school like every other day. My hair was a mess and I was in moldy old sweatpants. I groggily sat down in my English class. My friends and I freaked as we got closer to leaving. Disney was only a days bus trip away from us now. Ten more minutes and we would be going to the buses. “All students going on the Disney trip please head to the theater.” I dove out of my desk and darted towards the theater. The love of my life was running behind me well in my mind he was the love of my life. But in actuality he was my best friends boyfriend and the only guy that I’ve ever been close to.

We headed toward the buses luggage already stored. Eli, Rachael, and I ran to get the best seats on the bus. The three seater was the comfiest seat, even if it was next to the bathroom.

“Hey, Allisa. Sit in the middle of us. Rachael is mad at me again.” Eli whispered in my ear as we headed to the back.

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