Tower Gate - The Tower pt. 3

Atop the wall surrounding the Tower the guards marched in greater than usual numbers. The assassin watched the guards with interest, wondering how Lord Vulklan had divined Artamoth’s plans. There must be an informant among Artamoth’s men the assassin knew he would need to find a way to alert Artamoth, but for now he had more important business to attend to.

Crouching in a shadow created by one of the many banners that ringed the walls and watchtowers, the assassins muscles tensed as his target approached. The assassins watched the guard knock on the door that led inside the watchtower, and knew the time was near. As the door opened and the guard started to step in the assassins dropped down behind the guard, shoving him through the door with all his might as he tumbled in behind him. The assassin rolled into a crouch, lithe and quick, drawing a long-sword from under his robes. Four guards on their feet, and one still in the floor. A feral grin appeared on the assassin’s face, This will be too easy.

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