And On The 8th Day...

“Dear God, what is that?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that thing that’s on your head.”
“Oh, this? Pope hat.”
“I… I don’t think most papal hats have naked women on them.”
“It’s this new thing I’m doing.”
“I’m going to regret asking this, I know I will, but what is this new thing you’re doing exactly?”
“I call it ‘Catholics After Dark.’ See, churches get all sorts of tax breaks and people donating money and stuff. So, people like giving money to Jesus and they like boobs. It’s a natural fit.”
“I don’t think I’d call it a natural fit.”
“Well, it’s some kind of fit anyway and I’m raking in the big bucks.”
“You are? Seriously?”
“The First Church of Pasties is open for business.”
“If I believed in hell, I’m pretty sure you’d be going there.”
“Yeah, going to Hell… all the way to the… bank… the Hell bank… of… money! Swish, count it.”
“And people go… to this so called church… and give you money.”
“Give me money… pay a cover… three drink minimum… stick bills into g-strings… same thing.”

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