Ranger Danger

Silently I walked to where the porch would have been overlooking the lake.

Suddenly I was standing on that porch, looking over the lake just like this, only, arms were wrapped around me. I felt loved, I smiled. The big, strong arms were heavy and warm. I tried to touch them.

I only hugged my own skinny arms instead. The vision faded. I still didn’t know what had happened here. I heard an engine behind me. I spun around.

A white truck drove into the clearing stirring up the dust. The hallowed dust. I stared, open mouthed.

“Hey, this site is closed.”

“Yeah, well you need to leave now.”

“You gonna put a cabin here? It’s a great spot!’ I lied, smiling, hiding my guilt.

I walked around the truck and out. But I didn’t know which way to go. The site was the ending destination I had in mind.

I went back down the hill to the lake. That seemed the most logical, since I just told the ranger I was fascinated with it. He didn’t follow me.

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