Unhappy Wife

“I traded it for a magic watch!” Stanley said, smiling. I just stared at him. Is he crazy? Possibly.
“A magic watch?” I asked. He nodded, looking like he was going to burst with joy over this silly thing.
“Yes! Isn’t it amazing!” he shouted in joy. I jumped out of my chair, and crossed the room over to him.
“No! It’s a stupid watch! Magic or not, it’s still just a watch! After all my hard work, this is how you repay me!” I shouted angrly in his face. He stepped back, shocked.
“B-but it’s-” he started to said.
“No! I don’t want to hear it! I knew that you weren’t very smart, but I never knew that you were a complete idiot!” I screamed. He shrank back, scared by my outburst.
“The watch can control time!” he squeaked out fast, before I could interupt. I stepped back, shocked. Control time? It’s not possible. Or is it?

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