Ready to Go

Twilight filtered in as we silently crept along. We were close, only two rooms and a stairway between us and the garage.

Our run was mostly clear and Jess’ blade downed the parts that weren’t.

My hand closed on the doorknob of the garage and I eased it half an inch. Another. Nothing.

Motioning without looking back, I quietly entered. The Jeep sat there waiting for us. Striding up to it, I froze as Jess’ scream echoed in the enclosed space.

The zombie moved and so did I. A step to the left, a twitch, and it was down.

As she bolted in, I thought she was going to whack me one for spraying zombie brains in her face but she just moved past to the Jeep, my flourish unremarked.

I laid a hand on her arm—"You drive. I’ll shoot." She stared into my eyes, thinking fast, and then nodded. “Ready,” she said, climbing in and cranking the engine.

I checked the crowbar in my belt, slid a new clip into my pistol, and found the door rope. It hurried up its track and I jumped into the passenger seat as she gunned it.

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