Never a Good Night's Sleep

This happens every time.

I’ve barely got enough time to get a shower and get to work (real work, that makes money to pay bills for this crappy apartment) and that STUPID buzzer starts flashing and that GOD FORSAKEN tiger symbol starts buzzing.
And why did he pick a tiger? He looks more like a middle-aged jackass, with his face painted up like that. Scares all the little kids, but I’m not telling HIM that. Mister I’m-So-Totally-Perfect.

“Kitten! Come in, Kitten! Do you read, over?!” came the voice of Tiger-Man from the buzzer/communicator. I can’t help it, I roll my eyes. A year and a half ago, I LOVED it when he called me that. Now, knowing I’m never going to see any of his money, and probably never see anything in those magnificent tights he wears, it grows annoying.
“Yeah, I gotcha, T. I just got out of the shower, I’ll be there before you are.” As usual, she thinks to herself.
God, these tights make my chest look HUGE.
SIGH Better grab what’s left of the C4 and head out…

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