The Door Slammed Shut

“You sure it won’t hurt, this way of plucking out shaky tooth?”

“Yes, darling.”

“Mummy, are you reallyreallyreally sure? A hundred percent sure?”

“Yes, darling. Mummy is really sure.”

“But mummy, I’m scared. Jaymee cried when you slammed the door. What if it’s so painful that I cry?”

“Jason, dear. I’m sure you wouldn’t cry. You’re mummy’s brave little boy, aren’t you?”


“Munchkin, you better hurry up.”

“Okay, push the door.”

“One, two, thr—”

“Eek. Nomummynomummynomummynomummynomummynomummy”



‘That wasn’t so bad. was it? Oh darling, why’s your face all scrounged up like this?"

“MUMMY! You took the wrong tooth out!”

“Oh, fuck. Again?”

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