Fire Mission, Over.

“Outlaw One, this is Outlaw Four Golf, over.”

“Outlaw Four Golf, this is One Actual, over.”

“One, Four Golf, we are taking heavy small arms and alpha tango weapons fire from dismounts along checkpoint three three, over.”

“Four Golf, One, hold the overpass. Will send another track up to your position, over.”

“Wilco, One. Four Golf out.”

“Outlaw Two, this is Outlaw One actual, over.”

“One, this is Two, go ahead.”

“Two, take your Bradley up to checkpoint three three and assist Outlaw Four, over.”

“One, this is Two, wilco.”

“Outlaw Three, this is Outlaw One, over.”

“One, this is Three, over.”

“Three, move your track up to oscar papa one four and cover the gap left by Two. Drop your dismounts into the palm grove to cover anyone being sneaky, over.”

“Roger that One, Three out.”

“Break break break. Outlaw One this is Outlaw Two, over.”

“Two, One, go ahead.”

“One, Four is burning with no visible survivors. My track is immobilized and taking heavy fire. Request fire mission along my front, over.”

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