I eyed Jonah. Sometimes he overexcited himself over little things. “Urgently?”

“Yes! Let’s go; let’s blow this popsicle stand!”
“Hey I worked long and hard to establish this business…”
“Yeah, yeah, business. Close it up and let’s go! This is huge!”
Though I scowled at him, he did not say anything about my ability and how he thought I swindled my customers, so I let the argument drop and drank in his enthusiasm.

His aura was vibrating quickly, so he was not lying, but genuinely excited. Curious, I went to change out of my flowing silk robes and post the Closed sign on my door before following him to his car.

“Where are we going?”
“The big wigs! The Ambassador’s office. I bet we get an audience with the Secret Man Himself.” He drove too fast, dark shades riding above his perpetual childish grin.
“I bet we only see our handler.” I turned away from his glowing aura. Unfortunately I could still see the adrenaline and testosterone patterns his brain made flitting in my subconscious sight. It made me sick.

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