Flashback, Back to Present

Being back felt good, I could finally do something relevant! Gretchen did not look like she felt the same. I wasn’t sure, though, Gretchen was the expert on that. After walking down the hallway to the Ambassador’s office, we finally were left outside the door.

“After you,” Gretchen said. She must’ve known I was excited. I reached for the doorknob and as soon as I touched it, the hallway’s lights glowed, and shadowy people were suddenly walking away from the room. Suddenly a man and woman were talking outside the door. The Ambassador, maybe? Something about her looking hot in that miniskirt. She must’ve been a receptionist. Almost instantly their lips locked and they were full on making out. They made their way to the door and were up against it. They opened the door and disappeared.

I blinked and was back with Gretchen. She was waiting for me to open the door.

“Well?” She said. Just like old times.

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