Inner Dialogue

“What a fascinating creature: she’ll jabber on’n on, but when I try to question further she falls silent. Tries to adopt some veil of confusion…”

…but you must admit she’s never particularly successful.

“No, unfortunately.”

Personally I don’t think you’re doing enough.

“What are you suggesting?”

Perhaps you should try being a little more… forceful in your prying? That if she doesn’t answer freely you may need to resort to less savory methods to extract the necessary information?

“I-I couldn’t do that! I may have the means, but I’ve resolved not to use them except in extreme cases!”

‘Extreme cases’? The very fact that your beloved research, your life’s work, may simply cease to exist without her information isn’t an ‘extreme case’? The notion that failure would be devastating for multitudes isn’t ‘extreme’ enough for you?


I suggest you get your priorities straight. She may be a ‘fascinating creature,’ but she’s merely a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less.

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