A Situation

From the slowing of his aura vibrato, and its color change to baby blue, I knew Jonah had a vision. One that made him grin like a schoolboy who was doing something he shouldn’t. I learned long ago to stop asking him what he saw. Most of it was irrelevant, like brain pattern reading. People had thoughts all the time; it only got interesting when they were tied to emotions.

“Agent Lockhart, Agent Dawson, glad you could make it, have a seat, we have a situation to discuss.”

We sat. This must have been important if the Ambassador himself were hosting us in his conference room. Jonah flashed me an “I told you so” look and I cleared my throat, averting my gaze to the monitor in front of me.

“Recently, a rash of odd occurrences have been linked together by the members of other government departments.” Pictures flashed on the screens.

“Silver heisted from The National Museum in Sweden, bus explosion in Madrid, double homicide at an outdoor restaurant in Athens, 3 day power failure in Bangkok, all unexplained.”

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