Flight 364

“Flight 364 to Phoenix, Arizona is now boarding. Please wait until your group has been called, thank you.” Cassie glanced up just in time to see the very prim looking gate attendant set the phone down with a firm click. She anxiously checked her boarding pass again to be sure of her group number which, same as it had been five minutes ago, was still 3. Cassie could never convince herself to relax during flights, because the process was just too nerve-racking. She leaned back feigning a relaxed if not bored look just to satisfy curious onlookers. One would think that a girl traveling by herself wouldn’t attract so much attention anymore these days, but her presence always seemed to draw the gazes of those around her, particularly those of the men. She pulled down the hem of her black pencil skirt self-consciously at this last thought. The point of this trip was hardly deserving of the anxiety that she had spent on it. Still, she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was going to happen.

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