You never know.

“I hate her. She’s so annoying.”
“I know. She won’t leave me alone. Like, ever.”
“I think she likes you, dude.”
“I might go out with her.”
“For fifty bucks.”

“Do they know I can hear them?”
“I don’t think so. Don’t let it get to you.”
“Kinda hard when I already hate myself.”

“She should kill herself already so we don’t have to hear how horrible her life is.”
“Dude. Not funny.”
“Whatever. I don’t care. She’s always whining about it on Facebook.”
“Why did you friend her then?”
“Unfriend her, dude.”

“Maybe I should go out and tell them I heard everything.”
“I dunno if that’s a good idea.”
“They’d stop.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Maybe they’re right.”
“They’re not. Don’t kill yourself. Please.”
“I can’t promise anything.”


“Dude, did you see it?”
“See what?”
“She killed herself last night.”
“Oh god. Really?”
“I’m not shitting you, man. Look.”
“…Damn. Think she overheard us yesterday?”
“I dunno, man. Maybe.”
“Fuck, I feel guilty. But we didn’t do anything!”
“You never know.”

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