Peanuts and travel partners

“I’m in there. 14A, by the window….I sure am excited to be travelin’. I’m going to L.A. and then hopping a bus straight to Laughlin. Heard they pay out better than Vegas. D’ya know?”
“Have no idea.”
“I’m in 14C. God damn, could they make these seats in economy any smaller ?”
“Welcome aboard from the flight deck. We’ll be on our way as soon as we confirm all our passengers on board.”
“I wish they’d turn on the air . I’m starting to sweat like a whore in church.”
“’Scuse me, Miss. Could I get a scotch and soda?”
“Sorry, can’t serve drinks until we take off.”
“I hope I have my pills in my purse to calm my nervous stomach.”
“This is the captain. It seems we’re exceeding weight standards and need two volunteers to get off and be placed on the next flight.”
“Aw right, we’re finally moving after forty minutes of just sitting there.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we have to return to the gate because they’re telling me we now need some ballast in the plane.”

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